Virtual Reality

Welcome to a new world.

Virtual Reality content creates an immersive 360 degree experience that transports your audience into a new world.

Currently, YouTube 360 videos are only viewable in Google Chrome.

The technology is still in its infancy, but brands are now starting to see the potential of creating immersive experiences for their consumers.

What’s great is that you don’t have to have a full Oculus headset to experience the VR content. You can hand out a Google cardboard pack, allowing your audience to turn their smart phone in a VR headset. Or you can even view your content on Youtube, where your consumers can manually look around an environment with their mouse.

Any 360 degree content we create works across all three displays solutions, VR Headset, Google Cardboard and Youtube 360.

And with Creative Lab, our internal creative agency, we have the resources to develop a VR concept from scratch that will work best for your brand, whether it’s a real experience or a computer generated wonderland.